Sensotherapy is a weight loss program that is easy to follow and has helped thousands of people lose weight. The weight loss program was developed by Michael Cherkassky, MD, board-certified in internal medicine in Texas.

Sensotherapy works because it addresses all forms of hunger: actual hunger, mental hunger, and cravings. This allows people to lose weight without suffering or struggling with hunger.

As long as you do not have allergies to regular foods or the ingredients of Sensotherapy, there are no side effects. Sensotherapy products are modified food. Modified food is a combination of spices, sweets and salt, which satisfies your hunger while delivering no calories.

Sensotherapy is developed in Dr. Michael Cherkassky’s laboratory in Fort Worth, Texas. Anyone can use Sensotherapy as long as they are not allergic to the ingredients. We suggest that people that have problems with caffeine do not use SenEnergy and SenEnergyMax.

A combination of Sensotherapy and prescription weight loss medication, such as phentermine, is routinely used in medical offices. Sensotherapy is effective in certain segments of the day when prescription medication cannot be used.


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